Happy Patient Reviews

“I am so very happy with everything!”
Gregg H.
Gilbert, AZ
“Dr. Jessee has encouraged me to continue using my hearing aids, even when I thought I might quit.”
Bill T.
Mesa, AZ
“If you want to hear again, go see Dr. Jessee. There are three things I really like about Dr. Jessee: Her professionalism, her promptness (I never have to wait for my appointment), and her product knowledge.”
Lynn L.
Chandler, AZ
“After 3 weeks of living with hearing aids, I can’t imagine my life without them. I love the flexibility the technology gives me. I have a way to hear in three different worlds… in quiet, church and in noisy restaurants. I’m so happy with my choice to get hearing aids when I did.”
Marsha L.
Mesa, AZ
“I was amazed when I went to see Fiddler on the Roof. I was able to hear everything and it was wonderful. My hearing isn’t as good as it was when I was young, but it’s definitely better than it’s been in a long time.”
Spencer H.
Mesa, AZ
“I love this place. They are very fair and honest and they don’t push things on people that you don’t need.”
Mary E.
Mesa, AZ
“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Jessee’s for a couple of years. I find her knowledgeable, pleasant and patient. Those of us that don’t hear well require a little extra attention. She is always professional and makes me feel comfortable. Nichole is a sweetheart. The office staff is always accommodating by allowing me to drop in on very short or no notice to have my devices cleaned/repaired.”
Michael S.
Mesa, AZ

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