We all learned a few things in 2020.  An invisible virus disrupted the lives of most of the world’s population.  To stop the spread of the droplets in our breath, we were asked to wear masks that muffled speech and tossed our hearing aids to the ground when we removed them.  Those of us struggling to hear conversation in noise in 2019, found that in 2020 we couldn’t eat in crowded restaurants with noise but had the double threat of reduced volume from the muffling of the mask along with near complete removal of facial expression that is so important in the speech reading we rely on to fill in the gaps in speech we do not hear. Lipreading turned into “eyebrow guessing!”

Fortunately, help was on the way. Starkey led the move to help by quickly introducing “Mask Mode” to help compensate for the muffling created by the masks.  Additionally, when noise is present, there is “Livio Edge AI” that assesses the acoustic scene and adapts to the conditions of the location and moment to offer changes in the sound from the hearing aids to meet our comfort and clarity needs. Limitations in face-to-face visits for hearing aid fittings, adjustments and repairs led to “Hearing Care Anywhere” that allows Live Sessions and Remote Adjustments using the user’s Thrive App on a smart phone to connect with their hearing professional.

2021 is also the year of convenience in the way of rechargeability and connectivity.  The Livio AI custom devices offer both with a sealed rechargeable battery that provides a full day of better hearing and enough additional streaming to last a full day for most users.  The exclusive custom rechargeable device eliminates the need for any hardware behind the ear keeping the devices safe when donning or removing masks.

Innovators continue to push the limits of technology

Innovative technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are changing the course of what engineers and developers can do with hearing aids. Smart devices and wearable technology are allowing for advanced control of hearing devices and a breadth of new customization options. Innovations in sound quality have also created new possibilities for clarity and amplification. On board sensors in the hearing aids can detect motion and monitor health indicators, even summoning help if the user has suffered a fall.

Hearing aid users have more options than ever.

With all these changes, people who have difficulty hearing now have more power and choices in the marketplace than ever before. The explosion of options on the market means that buying choices have an even greater impact. Furthermore, buyers have a say in what they want and expect from their hearing technology like never before.

Whether you are seeing a hearing specialist for the first time or you have worn a hearing aid for years, staying on top of the industry trends can help you improve your hearing aid experience. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at one of our conveniently-located hearing centers, and learn more about the most innovative hearing aids on the market today.